Panama’s Sport Fishing and Eco-Lodge Vacation

Fishing in Panama is one of the family’s favorite activities. On the fishing tour, you will be in the open sea; You will spend a wonderful morning enjoying this tour in a unique natural environment sailing in the transparent waters and contemplating the beautiful city of Panama.

Live the thrill of catching a sailfish, marlin, or barracuda on board our boats. Choose the type of fishing you want to practice according to the time of year, you can share your boat or rent one to spend a pleasant day of fishing with the family.

The Future of Sustainable Sport Fishing in Panama

With the objectives of publicizing the actions carried out by the government of Panama together with the private sector to develop the potential of sport fishing; soliciting feedback from influential yacht owners, captains, and organizations on the needs for sport fishing development.

The event begins with the signing of the Commitment Act where the Aquatic Resources Authority of Panama (ARAP), the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP), and Dr. Nelson Ehrhardt, Professor Emeritus and Consultant jointly commit to executing pertinent actions for the regulation, management, and development of responsible sport fishing in Panama.

Sport fishing is considered a form of tourism, in addition to being an outdoor recreational activity for the residents of BCS, so it falls into the category of nature tourism since the benefit of this activity is direct contact with nature, a benefit that can even be shared by family or friends.

On the other hand, especially in the case of developing countries, a common element of tourist destinations is the emergence of externalities with undesirable consequences. These negative effects can occur in the economic sector itself, for example, in the form of displacement of local productive units by transnationals; or in the social or environmental spheres, through the deterioration of social relations and/or the quality of the resources that sustain the tourist activity itself.

Where To Start In Sports Fishing?

Everything in this life is to evolve, move forward, improve our skills and abilities and be a little more effective every day. Well, in this one, our wonderful world of fishing was not going to be less. 

Do not close yourself to just one fishing technique: We all always have preferences when choosing the type of fishing to practice but if you only practice one you will not evolve and learn new things. Try rivers, reservoirs, boats, and shores. Little by little, your mind as an all-terrain fisherman will open up.

Do not venture and know your limits: Especially when it comes to freediving in scuba diving. Fishing involves many risks that you have to know and avoid.

Respect responsible fishing measures and the environment: This way you will never fall into problems due to illegalities and you will collaborate in the care of your environment and aquatic ecology.

Be constant and never give up: As in all sports you have to be constant to gain experience and train as a professional fisherman.

Take care of the presentation of your baits and hooks: You have to offer the fish an attractive bite so that their desire to eat makes them bite our hook. Many times you will notice how changing the bait will achieve many more catches with the same conditions.

Panama’s Sport Fishing and Eco-Lodge Vacation
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